Metallurgical Valve


Hot Blast Stove System:

hot blast valve, back draught valve, air mixing valve, gas shut off valve, air shut off valve, gas combustion valve, chimney valve, cold blast valve, pressurizing valve, snort valve, butterfly control vavle and blower transfer valve etc.

Furnace Top System:

gas bleeder valve, equalizing & relief valve etc.



Waste Heat Recovery System:

air shut off valve, gas shut off valve and waste gas shut off valve etc.


Gas Dust collecting System:

Shut off valve, deduster bleeder valve, dust discharge valve, pressure control valve group,Goggle valve and sector blind plate valve etc.


TRT System:

gas shut off valve, pressure equalizing valve, goggle valve, emergency shut off valve and fast opening valve etc.





Large Size Level Valve


Hyundai steel DN3400 Enclosed Type Goggle Valve


BF top DN500 De-Pressurizing & Relief Valve


DN650 Bleeder Valve


Flue Gas Butterfly Valve


DN2000 Snort Valve



                    Cold blast mixing valve
                    Drawing No:QY-GY-1000


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